Why are the crime and suicide rates climbing in the USA?

Suicide is the first cause of unnatural death in Spain, and the same happens in some of the most advanced countries in the world. In the United States, for example, every year there are more deaths due to suicide than traffic accidents.In happier countries, more suicides and more crimes,however, one of the issues that call the most attention to suicide, which is paradoxical, is that in the happiest countries there are higher rates of suicide.

The rate of crime and suicide:

Despite being considered the happiest state in the United States, Utah has the highest suicide rate in the country. A neuroscientist tries to explain the reasons that explain this phenomenon by providing a novelty: altitude and the correct way to clean up blood.The scientist Perry Renshaw calls his research ‘The Paradox of Utah’ because in this state of the United States, considered the happiest of all, there is the highest number of suicides and the highest consumption of antidepressants. However, Renshaw believes he has identified the most likely cause that explains the depressive mood of the people of Utah: Altitude.

What Renshaw believes?

The fact is that the altitude has an impact on the chemistry of our brain, specifically by changing the levels of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters, key chemicals in the brain that transmit signals between neurons and other cells and that help regulate our feelings of happiness. Precisely, antidepressants control the levels of these chemicals in the brain.¬† Utah is located in a mountainous region of the country commonly known as the Rockies. For those who analyze high levels of suicide in this region, this area is known as the ‘suicide belt’.

Why suicide ratesare climbing?

Suicides begin to increase between 2,000 and 3,000 meters in all regions of the United States. The USA it was not a special case, since the analysis of suicide rates in other countries, such as South Korea and Austria, had similar results. The causes of this paradoxical situation, according to the authors of the research, have to do with the level of happiness of others in relation to suicides, usually with a low level of self-esteem.Thus, the level of happiness of others would be a risk factor for suicide because discontented people who live in places where the rest of individuals are happy to tend to judge their own well-being compared to that of the people around them.

“Discontented people may feel particularly tired of life in happy places. These contrasts can increase the risk of suicide,

Renshaw believes that air that lacks oxygen alters the chemistry of the brain, causing the level of serotonin to fall and that of dopamine to increase. Serotonin helps stabilize emotions, but often this neurotransmitter accentuates our state of depression.

Why is crime and suicide rate high in the US?

So, why Utah residents do not seem to be affected by the increase in dopamine levels? The answer lies in how changes in neurotransmitter levels affect individual brain chemistry, since, according to Renshaw, the serotonin deficiency that must stabilize emotions exacerbates the symptoms of anxiety and depression, which increases the likelihood of committing suicide.Well, the fact is that there is an increased crime rates in the US!